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About Us

Paragon is a leading U.S. manufacturer of concession and restaurant equipment. Since 1978, Paragon has continuously sought to be the best
in the business through quality manufacturing and elite customer service.

Paragon International remains committed to providing the highest quality, fun food equipment and supplies in the market. We value your business and honest feedback. Our customer service and support after the sale set the standard for excellence. Please feel free to contact us directly with any questions or concerns regarding our products or services.

Thank you for your loyal support. We look forward to strengthening existing partnerships and building new relationships. Whether our products are for commercial use or for family enjoyment, we are at your service.

For sales or other inquires - Please contact:

Tara Robinson - Customer Service -

Andy Fish -  Sales -


1980s Paragon Popcorn Machine. One of the first machines produced by Paragon.

The family-owned business got its start with the development and introduction of the industry's first four once popcorn machine in 1979.  Since then Paragon has grown to be an industry market leader and has continued to deliver new innovative products in a number of categories. Paragon's broad selection of popcorn poppers includes options with various kettle sizes from home use to large commercial volume requirements, such as state fairs, carnivals, and sporting stadiums.  

1979: John Goodlaxson, a design engineer for Maytag, decided to buy the business from a Minneapolis company. He and his son, Jim Goodlaxson, named the company GMI for Goodlaxson Manufacturing Industries, and set up shop in Colfax, Iowa.

1992: GMI was then acquired in 1992 by Margaret and Cliff Wilson (Long time owner of Ritchie Industries in Conrad, Iowa) and Margaret’s son David Swegle. The business was moved to Union, Iowa in January of 1992 into a 9,300 square foot building.

1995: David designed the 1911-4 ounce popcorn machine that started a mini-revolution of sorts in developing a home market for commercial quality popcorn machines.

1999: The company’s name was changed to Paragon International.

2000: The company moved to Nevada, IA into a 25,000 square foot building.

2004: Another 25,000 square foot is added to the building.

Today: Paragon remains family owned (David and Glenda Swegle) and continuously reinvests in research and development, new equipment and new capabilities.

Why Paragon?

Paragon offers top quality concession and kitchen products at various sizes and price points that meet each customer’s needs.


Many of Paragon’s machines are tested to NSF/ANSI Standard 4 by UL as well as CE and CSA standards for exports. UL independently tests and certifies to nationally recognized standards for safety, performance and sanitation of electronically-powered products.


With every piece of equipment, customers are protected
by Paragon’s competitive warranty program. Paragon will
replace the malfunctioning part free of charge up to one

Commercial Use or Family Fun:

Many businesses use Paragon’s equipment as a profit center. Others simply promote goodwill by offering customers a great tasting snack. Families can also enjoy the home friendly sizes and styles of our equipment.

 International Capabilities:

Export models available for most equipment. Please call for a price quote.


Paragon engineers and designers continue to develop and improve equipment to meet the customer’s requirements.

Function and Price:

Each Paragon machine is built with solid construction, is user friendly, safe and priced competitively.