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Ay Caramba Nacho Cheese Dispenser

by Paragon
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Ay Caramba! Nacho Cheese Dispenser 

The Ay Caramba! Nacho Cheese Dispenser is perfect for concession stands, stadiums, convenience stores, restaurants or any event. Save product, time, and money with exact portion control and no messy preparation. Push the button and the peristaltic pump dispenses piping hot cheese for nachos, hot dogs, fries, pretzels, baked potatoes, burgers, appetizers, or any dish calling for hot cheese. Features a two-button dispensing control with adjustable settings and a temperature gauge allowing you to know when the cheese is ready to serve. 


  • Temperature gauge with pre-set temperature 145°F - 155°F/ 63°C - 68°C
  • Peristaltic pump to get the most out of every bag of cheese or chili - little food waste
  • 2-button dispensing control with adjustable setting or manual (continuous dispense)
  • Pre-heating area for a second bag of cheese or chili for quick reloading and airtight control
  • No food waste, no clean up
  • 225 watts
  • 120 volts
  • Product Dimensions: 26” H x 10” W x 16” D, 22 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 29” H x 12.5” W x 18.75” D, 25 lbs
  • UL 197, ANSI/NSF 18, CE, Canadian C22.2

Key Features

  • Food Groups: Perfect machine to quickly add cheese to all concession food staples including: nacho chips, hot dogs, pretzels, fries, chili dogs and more
  • Bag/Pouch Compatibility & Compacity: Fits all 110-ounce and 140-ounce cheese and chili dispenser bags. Holds two bags of cheese which allows for instant change-over between bags. Note: A 140 ounce bag will NOT fit in the stand by tray, but will fit and dispense in the machine.
  • Cabinet: Attractive design in a smaller footprint to fit in locations where space is a premium. High impact plastic keeps the front and sides of the unit cool to the touch. Eye-catching colorful merchandising graphics to build impulse sales
  • Programmable Dispensing: Adjustable portion control settings and a manual continuous delivery button provide more product cost control, better inventory tracking and less product waste
  • Warming Tray: It’s simple to load bags inside, and with extra space a second bag can be preheated as one is being used
  • Built in Thermostat: Heats cheese to serving temperature within 60 minutes
  • Small Footprint: Uses only 10” of valuable counter space for your concession stand
  • Antiseptic/Clean: Powered by a peristaltic pump design which forces product directly from plastic pouch to food. And, when the pouch is empty, simply discard and easily load a new pouch in seconds. No more pumps to clean and sanitize. No mess, no fuss, no more messy #10 cans